Apple, Samsung drive embedded touch displays

Apple's CEO, Tim CookA report from market research company IHS said that Samsung and Apple between them accounted for over 40 percent of the global smartphone market and they’re both driving the market in embedded touch displays.

IHSsaid Apple uses in cell touch technology and Samsung on cell AMOLED and both approaches are challening the rest of the smartphone market, with these types of displays growing 47 percent year on year.

Now on-cell touch TFT LCD displays are entering the entry level and mid range smartphone market.

Panel manufacturers are hoping the rest of the smartphone business will follow suit with these type of displays, IHS said.

Analyst Calvin Hsieh said: “Customer preference for embedded touch displays can increase selling prices and revenues – consequently, nearl all panel makers are aggressively approaching smartphone brands with their own solutions.

Here’s how IHS sees the marketplace.

Embedded touch displays, IHS Inc