Apple queues down by 60 percent


apple queueOne of the signs that Apple is falling from favour is that its queues are getting shorter.

Despite there being better buying options, Apple has always encouraged its fanboys to queue outside its stores, sometimes months an advance, to provide the Tame Apple Press (TAP) with a thinly disguised advert.  The long queues showed how popular the phone was along with the enthusiasm of customers.

Until now.

Apple’s Covent Garden store queue revealed how far the Apple brand has fallen in Europe.  The Covent Garden branch is the biggest in Europe and the numbers of people queuing for the just released iPhone 6S wasn’t quite as big as last year.

There were the usual nut-jobs there to be interviewed by the Tame Apple Press, but the metal barriers erected in the cobbled streets in front of the store were not full to bursting, as they were last year and the year before.

The queue was a miserable 400 people strong by the time the doors opened at 8 AM –  an impressive number for any launch but far short of the 1,000 or so that queued last year.

The Tame Apple Press was in a quandary and did its best not to reach the conclusion that the iPhone 6S was just not big enough to drag as many people onto the streets overnight as last year’s shiny toy.

Some tried to blame online sales, but they existed last year and still people queued.

Other TAP members used the opportunity to advertise how different the new iPhone was from the old one by reporting instead that it was now available in a very manly pink and that sales of these versions of the phone were higher than expected.

But nothing could answer the problem that that buyers were not be quite as eager this time around. This also flies in the face of Apple claims the new iPhone is looking set to beat the 10 million sold of last year’s iPhone 6 with the first few days.