Apple press gives Steve Jobs, Messiah all the privacy he needs

When a figure as worshipped as Steve Jobs announces he’s ill, the fanboys and fawning media first panic, then they come over sympathetic by giving him the respect and privacy he needs.

You’d think the latter means a blanket silence over the whole palaver. But wait, haven’t we been inundated with RSS feeds giving us up to the minute reports on the latest state of the Jobsian Jobs?

Well known hangers-on are all reporting that Apple is being forced to disclose a succession plan for CEO Steve Jobs.

The company is being pressured by shareholders to reveal what it’s going to do when CEO Steve Jobs finally returns to his position as Messiah. They have received support from Institutional Shareholder Services, an influential advisory firm which believes Apple shareholders should not be kept in the dark about the future.

Apple has fired back saying that it already has a plan in place but wants to stay tight lipped as it fears the information could be used to the advantage of competitors.

Steve’s time is ticking, with Apple shareholders voting on the CEO succession plan question on the 23rd of February.

The Tame Apple Press continues to give Jobs all the privacy he needs as it mutters to itself about who Mr Jobs’ worthy successor will be.