Apple owns your soul, warns human rights group

The Electronic Frontier Foundation   is warning that Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement is a demonic pact that basically gives your soul to Jobs’ Mob. 

The outfit had its lawyers give the Agreement the once over and thinks that people would be crazy to sign it. The agreement is not supposed to be made public, which is a sure sign that something is wrong with it.

Fortunately  NASA wrote an app for the iPhone and the the EFF was able to use the Freedom of Information Act to ask the space agency for a copy of the license agreement dated March 17, 2009.

Apple insists that the agreement “prohibits developers, including government agencies such as NASA, from making any ‘public statements’ about the terms of the Agreement.”   So it prevents developers telling the world+dog how bad it is.

Another section makes it clear that if you use the iPhone SDK to develop your app, you can’t sell it anywhere but Apple’s own App Store.  This means that if your App gets rejected by Jobs’ Mob you are not allowed to  distribute it through Cydia or Rock Your Phone.

Other dodgy clauses seem to prevent  developers from tinkering with any Apple software or technology or ‘enabling others to do so.’  This stops iPhone developers from making iPods work with open source software.

The best clause is that  Apple can “revoke the digital certificate of any of Your Applications at any time. This means that Apple essentially has a “kill switch” built into the App Store and they can remove your app from it at any time.  It just depends on Steve Jobs’ mood.

You do have the option to sue Apple if it does anything evil or illegal to you but the maximum you are  allowed to sue them for is $50 dollars.    Which can buy you a whole latte in a Cupertino Starbucks

You can see the secret agreement here and if you are dumb enough to sign it there is a property we would like to sell you here