Apple nicks other people's ideas

Fruity peddler of broken dreams, Apple is converting other people’s internet ideas and patenting them for the “mobile internet” as its own invention.

It seems that Steve Jobs is channelling the ghost of Alexander Graeme Bell who nicked the idea for the telephone from patent documents from Elisha Gray.

According to Unwired the ideas are all established technology already in use on the internet and are already available through the Apple app store, only designed by others.

Three Apple patent applications just became public on the USPTO website which are connected to mobile app ideas for travel, hotel and high fashion shopping.

In one application Apple describes things like sending travel promotions, making reservations through mobile app, guide/assistance with airport services, using a mobile boarding pass, remote check-in, access to in-flight services, sending automatic arrival notifications to your spouse and travel guide services/promotions at the destination site. Sound familiar?

The fashion shopping app patent application describes an iPhone app from high fashion houses. The user can receive invitations to special events, info/catalogue of available products, use a store locator, find popular picks, gift guides, create wish lists/look books, see product reviews, engage in social networking activities, see enhanced adverts/promotions, use personal shopping services and make product comparisons, suggestions for additional items, provide feedback via post-sales questionnaires and use a virtual closet. Like you can’t do this on the internet.

In short it is basically going through the internet and patenting the idea for mobile use. If Apple gets its patents and the mobile internet can do what the landline based net does, then Apple will be in total control and be the mobile internet troll of all time.

And what perhaps is the most annoying, is that Steve Jobs will stand up at one of his Nuremberg Rally style press conferences and receive a standing ovation and the title of “genius” for inventing the “new technology”. 

It is not clear if the US Patent Office will work out what Apple is doing.  It has not been particularly good at monitoring what it is doing so far.