Apple mulls extension to walled garden

Apple is so worried about its flagging iTunes sales it is thinking of flogging an app on the more popular Android site.

The fruity cargo-cult is worried about a double-digit drop in iTunes downloads and opened exploratory talks with senior label executives about the possibility of launching an on-demand streaming service.

Of course, the tame Apple press is saying that such a cunning plan will cure cancer and rival Spotify and Beats Music.

This is Apple heresy as the great Apple Messiah Steve Jobs said unto his followers  “that fans would never subscribe for music”. Of course he also said no one would buy small tablets or big smartphones so it appears that his gift of prophecy was not up to snuff.

To make matters seem more desperate, Apple is looking at adding an iTunes App for Android phones, the Google rival. The move would, Apple hopes, mean that it will get its lucrative iTunes software on another platform and no longer depend on the ever shrinking iPhone sales. The only difficulty with that is that iTunes is pretty dire software which people use because it is on the iPhone. Placed on an Android phone it would probably be ignored in droves.

Other ideas that iTunes executives like Eddy Cue and Robert Kondrk are said to be contemplating  include exclusive album-release windows in which digital versions of the albums would go on sale ahead of the CD release. Individual tracks would not be available for sale until the CD versions hit the shelves. Not that there many shelves selling CDs these days, of course.

Apple already has a streaming service with iTunes Radio, which launched last September. However, the free ad-supported service, similar to Pandora, has limited control over the songs they can hear. But then again Apple users are not used to control, that is something they surrender when they buy an iPhone.