Apple mothballs TV plan, blames big content greed

old-school-tvFruity cargo cult Apple is giving up on its over hyped television plans – at least for now

The Tame Apple Press claimed that Jobs’ Mob was expected to take on September 9, boldly going where Intel and Microsoft had failed.  It even claimed that Apple’s latest television hardware had spaces which would be filled by an internet television streaming service.

However the hardware launched on time but without the matching TV service, making it a chocolate teapot of streamers.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has mothballed plans to offer a live internet based television service and is instead focusing on being a platform for media companies to sell directly to customers through its App Store.

Jobs’ Mob’s original plan was to sell 14 channels for $30 to $40 a month and it is blaming the media companies for making the plan fail because they were “too greedy”. Yeah irony thy name is Apple.

Broadcasters such as CBS and Twenty-First Century Fox had licensed programing. But a lack of content led Apple to scrap plans to announce the service at the September 9 event.

Bloomberg said Apple had not given up entirely on releasing an internet TV service, which has slowly been pulling viewers away from traditional television service providers.