Apple mired in April Fool conundrum

It is written on tablets of stone and is widely seen as an article of faith amongst dedicated followers of Apple, that the outfit was officially founded on April 1, 1976.

It is an important date because using the ancient technique called Gematria the date reduces to 1, which would make it number one in the world and the initiator of all new things.

The downside is that date was the first piece of PR spin that Apple came up with, according to Founder and part-time Dancing Queen Steve Wozniak.

According to Network World, one of its hacks was looking through the archives looking for April 1 stories and he found a June 20, 1999 post by Tom Turley to a Usenet message board called comp.sys.apple2. Turley said that he was told by Woz in 1996 that Apple was never an April Fool’s day joke and it was founded three, possibly four days later.

Woz never knew where the rumour of Apple being founded on April Fools’ Day came from, nor just who got that rumour started.

The news would shake Apple to the core. If it was not started on April 1 then that would mean that the date would reduce to the number 4. This is a number which means it would be square and controlled.

Woz now cannot remember but Owen W. Linzmayer, author of Apple Confidential 2.0 said that although the paperwork was dated April 1 it was not filed for several days afterwards.

Network World sent the paperwork to Woz who replied that the paperwork shows the partnership formed to produce a PC board for the ‘Apple 1’,” he writes.

It was a different company than the one that got financed and produced the Apple ][. This one was a partnership. The real company was a corporation.

Wozniak said that Ron Wayne typed the document in his apartment. He would have dated it April 1 but Apple had to submit a newspaper notification to become legitimate, after a short wait.

So it would have been impossible for Apple to be an April Fool and that is the end of it. So rather than being a great initiator, Apple is stuck with the number of the square. Oddly April 4 is also Microsoft’s birthday, although that was formed on April 4 1975 which it makes it the number three – the number of growth, sorrow and death. [You don’t really believe in this tosh do you Nick? Ed.]