Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Valve sued over patents

A case started in a Los Angeles district court alleging that a number of companies breached patents owned by Olympic Developments AG.

Olympic alleges that Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Direct TV, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and valve breached two patents – 5,475,585 and 6,246,400.

The first of these patents is called Transactional Processing System, while the second is called Device for controlling remote interactive receiver.

Amazon is being sued because it’s alleged its Kindle device breaches the patents; Apple over the iPad and iPhone; Barnes & Noble over the Nook; Direct TV over its set top box and associated services; Microsoft over the Xbox; Nintendo over the Wii; Sony over the Playstation 3 and the Sony Reader; and Valve over its Steam client and Steam Store.

Olympic is seeking aggravated damages and an injunction against the companies and has asked for the case to be tried by a jury.