Apple may make first Chinese acquisition

Chinese internet game developer Handseeing is currently in talks with Apple over a possible buy out of the software company.

Deputy general manager for Handseeing Tian Bo told Chinese paper Xinhua news that the two are discussing acquisition prices as well as other details. Though no final price has been agreed, reports hae been afload that it’ll cost Apple about $150 million to get its fruity paws on the company.

The iPod Touch and the iPhone have seen casual handheld and mobile gaming really take off compared to traditional outlets such as efforts from Nintendo and Sony so it could be good news.

Handseeing specialises in internet applications, particularly games in the online space. 

The news comes as it yesterday came to light that rival Google is in talks with social games developer Slide, with unnamed sources from the New York Times valueing the deal at about $228 million. If Apple goes to China to buy its possible equivalent at least it’s getting bang for its buck.

The deal by Apple, if it goes through, will be the first acquisition by Apple of a Chinese company. Though we doubt that the buy will be particularly to do with integrating into the Chinese market where it has a relatively low share in the mobile space – it will probably be looking to continue bolstering efforts in the west.

A game engineer at Handseeing, reports Xinhua, said Apple may be looking to boost its game development capabilities in order to beef up its upcoming game service, called Game Center [sic], before launch.