Apple, IBM, Adobe, Citrix others sued over software patent

Another day, another patent action.

This time Apple, Activision, Adobe, Autodesk, Capcom, Citrix, Corel, Dassault, Delcam, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, Frontrange Solutions, IBM, Intuit, Konami, Digital Entertainment, Maximizer Software, Nuance, Parametric Technology, Sage Software, Sega, Skype, SPSS, Teradata, THQ and Legacy Interactive are the numbers that have come up on the patent roulette wheel.

These companies are all being sued in an Illinois District Court by Software Restore Solutions LLC, which alleges that they have breached a patent it owns called Workgroup network manager for controlling the operation of workstations within the computer network. The US patent number is 5,832, 511.

All of these companies are alleged to infringe the patent by, for example in Adobe’s case, providing software apps designed to allow automated repair, resetting the software to configuration automatically comparing prior and current configurations.

This is a typical complaint against all of the defendants in this case.  Software Restore Solutions wants them all to deliver up damages for infringing the said patent.