Apple hit with fast-boot patent

Jobs’ Mob has been hit with a patent from an outfit which claims Apple copied its technique for fast booting a PCs.

According to Patently Apple “fast booting“is a method of using boot configuration information from earlier booting processes to speed the system startup process.

The outfit which owns the patent claims that Apple’s OS X violates “at least Claim 1” of the OSS patent.

The patent was initially filed back in 1999 and assigned to LG Electronics.

But the patent has changed hands several times since 2004. LG initially flogged the patent to Microconnect and it was then transferred to Protimus Technologies and ANPA hile also being reissued once along the way.

The patent lawsuit is owned by a Florida-based company called Operating Systems Solutions which might have been created specifically for the lawsuit.

Now there is talk among the tin foil hat members of Apple which claim that since the patent was created by LG and that company is now an Android rival, that this might be a clandestine attack on Jobs’ Mob.

Android players in the market are getting worried about Apple silencing competition with broad patent lawsuits and might be trying to take on the company indirectly using patent trolls. Of course there is no proof of this, but Americans love conspiracies.

So too does patent expert Florian Mueller who thinks that the conspiracy idea might have legs.

He said that it was conceivable that LG determined that this patent was not central to its business and divested it. But it was extremely odd that with the smartphone patent wars going on, companies usually look to buy and not sell patents.

Mueller said that this previously-unheard-of Florida-based plaintiff could be a proxy steered by LG. If that is the case it would be a warning shot or the beginning of a wider conflict between Apple and LG.