Apple gives CTO $22 million

Apple has revealed that it paid Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook more than $22 million for filling in while CEO Steve Jobs stuffed himself with a fresh teen liver.

Jobs had six months off while he had a liver transplant and Cook was in the hot seat.

The Wall Street Journal reportedthat the board was extremely impressed with Cook. It awarded him a bonus package worth $22 million. This comes out to $3.6 million a month while filling in for Jobs.

The bonus comprised $5 million in cash, and 75,000 restricted stock units worth about $17 million as of today. Jobs is said to have nominated Cook for the bonus so clearly he is not threatened by his fat totem doing better than him.

Apparently while Jobs was not there, Apple relaxed a bit. However it still made shedloads of cash.

He was not responsible for the iPad which reports seem to indicate has had a disappointing 120,000 pre-orders worldwide over the weekend.