Apple flogs all 3G iPads in a weekend

Apple’s mobile-ready iPad 3G has been selling like hot-apples since it launched in the States last Friday, having completely sold out in Apple’s New York, Boston, Houston and San Francisco stores.

Analyst Gene Munster, of Piper Jaffray & Co., reckons Apple managed to flog 300,000 of its 3G toys over the weekend alone, including pre-orders and online sales.

The weekend rush buyers faced to get their mitts on the pricier 3G model means Apple has now sold over a million iPad altogether.

The 3G capable iPad is sending existing Wi-Fi only iPad owners into an upgrading frenzy, with over 250 owners selling their models on eBay to trade in.

While enthusiasts and fanboys are quick to make sure they’ve got the latest and greatest models – maximum spend is for the 64GB model, at a whopping $829 – Forrester Research reckons that consumer America is waiting to see how the goods, er, pad out before making a decision. Christmas will be a good indication of where the iPad is going, according to Forrester.

While having sold out of its new 3G models in a single weekend sounds great on paper, it is worth keeping in mind that Apple has only been dripping its very ‘limited stock’ into the market – possibly, a cynic may suggest, to keep demand for the product high and the hype train rolling for as long as possible.

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