Apple fanboys exploit homeless in Pasadena iPhone queue

Fights broke out at a Pasadena Apple Store after lazy Apple fans hired homeless people to hold their spaces in the queue and then refused to pay them.

More than 100 homeless people were drafted to stand outside the store to buy the newly released iPhone models. Most of them were hired by a businessman who told the local press that he had hit on the idea so that he could resell lots of phones abroad.

According to KTLAhe promised each homeless person $20 for each iPhone they bought and made sure they had tickets to purchase iPhones after doors opened.

The man told the press he pulled in the homeless people from downtown LA and he made sure that they were fed and warm.

However, it all started to go wrong in the morning as the shop began to open.

There were a few fights when the hired homeless were told by Apple staff that they could not buy iPhones with the vouchers and the businessman refused to pay them.

This left some of them homeless in Pasadena with no way to get home.

One businessman who hired the homeless and didn’t pay up had to be taken away by police for his own protection. Apparently some were paid.