Apple fails to suck up to far right

Jobs Mob has been trying to flog its phones as “family safe” with an autocratic form of censorship that would have impressed Joseph Goebbels.

However his work is being snubbed by the very people he seeks to impress. The mid-west Right-Wing born again Christians.

According to the champion of Liberal causes, Fox News, the Christian Right feels that Jobs Mob has not gone nearly far enough to protect their kiddies from porn.

The conservative Parents Television Council (PTC) thinks there are too many salacious apps are currently available for iPhone users.

Things like “My Vibe,” which converts the iPhone into a vibrator, and “Love Positions Free,” which has drawings of couples having sex.

The group has demanded that Apple stop providing porn to children and clean up its act.

This is news to Jobs’ Mob which has made a big deal of purging apps from the iTunes store that it deems inappropriate, including “Dirty Fingers Screen Wash,” in which girls in bikinis “clean” the inside of the iPhone’s screen, and  “Tight Body Perky Boobs,” a collection of photos of young women.

Apple has recently placed a ban on sexually explicit applications that are available to consumers.

But what Jobs’ Mob is finding is that people who like censorship will generally find something to moan about and censor.  It is like an addiction that only stops when there is absolutely nothing left.

This censorship addiction has lead to applications that include pick up lines for lonely men hoping to meet women in bars being banned.  As far as the Christian right is concerned, men are only allowed to meet women at chaperoned church dances where they are introduced by both side’s parents.

Gavin McKiernan, the PTC’s grassroots director, said Apple executives assured the group that the content on its App Store would be clean.  He hoped that any remaining pornographic applications or the many sexually-themed “wallpapers” still available are “there by mistake, possibly.”

PTC said its goals was to get some form of parental controls onto the iPhone, so that parents can see what content their children or teenagers have been viewing during the day.

It seems that Jobs’ Mob might have made a bit of a mistake trying to suck up to the wrong people. They will censor his toys until the only apps left are recognised bible study courses.  While they are fairly vocal their views are not shared by the majority. They are certainly not shared by the San Francisco teens who buy Apple gear.