Apple execs have hissy fit over losing book case

Fruity cargo cult Apple is feeling that the US legal system is persecuting it over its faith in the Messiah Steve Jobs.

Jobs came up with a wizard wheeze to kill off Amazon and make users pay more money for eBooks by arranging a price fixing racket with other publishers.

Over the years, Apple has come to believe its own bullshit which is that it is OK to run a price-fixing cartel if it is you that is doing the fixing.

However, its reality distortion field came crashing down when a court bluntly told them that it was illegal.

Now Jobs’ Mob is back in federal court trying to re-litigate its loss of a huge e-books price-fixing case in July.

According to documents filed in the case, Apple’s top executives remain “extremely angry” and will “never get over the case”. They are so made they are prepared to ignore court orders connected to the case.

Their main problem is that the court case questions a central item of faith within the Apple creed; Steve Jobs was a good man who cared for Apple fanboys. Yet this case shows him raising the cost of ebooks by 50 percent overnight because he felt like it.

Losing the case will also cost Apple billions in damages.

Losing the case is completely unsurprising. The evidence as described in the ruling shows that Apple’s top executives, Eddy Cue and Jobs meeting with the heads of the major book publishing houses and got secret agreements from almost all of them to set prices across the board.

It was an open and shut case, yet Apple’s top execs remain livid about the loss. They believe the judge’s requirement that the company’s e-book division cooperate with a court-appointed compliance monitor is “flatly unconstitutional,” and have vowed to overturn it on appeal.

According to Social Reader, the court appointed monitor, Michael Bromwich has complained to the court that Apple’s lawyers are stonewalling. It is refusing to let him have a meeting with CEO Tim Cook, top designer Jony Ive, Cue, or most of the members of the board.

An Apple lawyer said that the company was very concerned about the request for interviews with Board members and senior executives, that they were very busy, and that we would see “a lot of anger” about the case that still existed within the company.

However, that is disobeying a court order and is bluntly in contempt. Only Apple would think that it has a right to ignore the law.

What is even more amazing is that Bromwich has been receiving hate mail from Apple fanboys who wrote following Apple’s Objections filed with the Court on November 27. It seems that the fanboy boys believe that if Steve Jobs jacked up the price of ebooks it must have been good for them.