Apple escalates Android war of the words

The fruity maker of broken iPhones is putting more pressure onto Motorola over its use of Android.

Apple has already issued multiple complaints to the various patent bodies claiming that Android uses technology that sprang fully formed from the mind of its CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs’ Mob claims that Motorola stole its IP and used it in its competing smartphones. Motorola is suing Jobs’ Mob for nicking its ideas in the iPhone.

Now in new court filings, Apple is now claiming that Motorola gear violates 24 patents. However,  Motorola claims Apple has violated 18.

The idea is that if Apple has more patent claims then it will put it at an advantage if Motorola gives in and asks Jobs’ Mob for a licence.

As the case gets closer to being played out in court it looks like Apple’s patent cards are that Motorola’s Android-based smartphones, set-top boxes and DVRs infringe Jobs’ Mob IP. Meanwhile Motorola says that fruity Macs and the iPhone all infringe on its IP.

According to Ars Technica, the court case will be long and messy. Apple has been buying up some very expensive lawyers.

We guess that Apple’s theory is that if it can’t beat Android with its operating system it should be making some cash by licensing the parts of it which are patented.