Apple employee tried to frame me

A star of the telly programme “Law and Order” claims he was set up by an employee at an Apple store who told coppers he tried to throttle her.

Richard Belzer said he was in the Apple store looking at the toys when a black shirted employee tapped him on the shoulder.

That should have been the end of the encounter, but the Apple genius Milan Agnew, 21, dialled 911 to file a harassment complaint.

New York’s Finest appeared on the scene and listened patently while Agnew told them that Belzer grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her and choked her and screamed at her “I need help”.

While many people would have thought that choking an Apple employee is a fair enough way to start the day, and an instinctual reaction against dumb smugness, Belzer did not need to defend himself on the grounds of “anyone would have done it”.

The New York coppers were not convinced by Agnew’s story.

According to Belzer they had a look at one of Apple’s many security cameras, which were installed to see if Jobs’ Mob employees are talking to the media.

On it Belzer is not seen scream, or shaking, or choking Belzer at all. They have laid no charges against him.

“I guess she was trying to shake me down. She clearly knew who I was,” Belzer told the Daily News “Sometimes when you are a celebrity, people try to take advantage of you.”

Still it is worthwhile knowing that if you are famous for anything to watch yourself when you go into Apple stores and keep at least three feet away from employees. Better still do not go into Apple stores, buy a proper computer. Then you will not have to worry about a media feeding frenzy, you will have saved shedloadsand not be framed for attempted murder .