Apple disties running scared

When Acer founder Stan Shih unleashed his views last week on Apple products being “mutant viruses”, we stood up and took note.

According to Digitimes, Shih said Apple’s main products like the iPad and iPhone were currently chomping away at the PC market at a rate of knots. But he warned they would soon be overcome by PC makers who would find a cure and who would eventually become immune to this threat.

Shih acknowledged that Apple deserved to be respected due to its unique strategy but advised that other PC brands would evolve, adapt and in the long term turn out to be the victor.

Following on from these controversial comments, TechEye started to wonder: What on earth must Apple’s faithful distributors in the UK think of all this?

Several emails and a few dozen phone calls later and we were, erm, still left wondering.

If our experience is anything to go by, the Apple distie business is a closed shop when it comes to the Press. And no amount of TechEye charm was going to get them to open up.

Some of Apple’s major registered distributors, including C2000, Westcoast, Ingram Micro and Computers Unlimited, made it clear that commenting on anything Apple-related was a big no no.

When asked a seemingly innocent question on how popular Apple products were in the UK, the phone line suddenly went quiet.

How about a comment on if the PC vendors would indeed one day rule the world? Isn’t Britain’s love affair with Apple still very much alive and well?

Another stoney silence.

Westcoast said it wasn’t allowed to comment on any of our questions and had to run everything through Apple first. Computers Unlimited was apologetic and, after days of going back and forth, eventually confessed it was unable to tell us anything at all. 

Once we’d broken through the initial barriers at the C2000 and Ingram Micro switchboards, they chose not to return our emails or calls. 

So why all so scared of friendly, cuddly Apple?

Over at the Apple press office it was secret squirrel all the way – representatives even refused to offer up an official line on who their main disties were in the UK. 

So it’s presumably not worth holding our breath for the new “Your Apple distie loves to chat” app coming to the iPhone soon then?

It’s all very frustrating and seems to point to Apple needing to put its official stamp on everything.

Its UK distributors want a bite of the Apple market so they’re willing to put up and shut up. It’s simply better to say nowt than to risk revealing anything that might not be part of the official Apple gospel.