Apple cultists aim to raise $50k for monstrous Steve Jobs statue

Dedicated apostles of Apple’s fruity cult have taken to the crowdfunding website IndieGogo to raise cash  for a monstrous Statue of Liberty-sized homage to the dead chief executive.

“The memory of Steve Jobs is a source of inspiration,” the campaign starts. “His humble origins, personal imperfections and the turbelence of his career make his story relatable; his prolific, world-changing career make his story admirable”.

The entrepreneurs behind the project say they saw the Jobs statue in Budapest, Hungary, but are convinced the world could do with more than one, and that a building in the USA would be more fitting for the executive.

Pledging $666 – the Mark of Jobs and the launch price for the Apple 1 – will give contributors the rare opportunity to be directly involved in building the personality cult of Jobs. 

Investing $1,955 will get you a VIP invitation to the statue’s unveiling.

Those behind the campaign identify themselves as “young entrepreneurs living in San Francisco,” for whom Steve Jobs is “a role model for us”. 

So far, the IndieGogo page has raised $427 of its $50,000 goal with 31 funders, but still has 57 days to go to make Jobzilla happen.