Apple commissions the dullest TV show ever

face palmFruity cargo cult Apple has just commissioned what should shape up to be the dullest television programme in history.

Apple has ordered a television show about app developers making software for iPhone products.

It is not enough that Apple has to create a show about something that has all the comedy and drama as watching paint dry, but it has also told the producer that he has to use the show to interest people in its even less intereting App Store.

Apple’s Eddy Cue told the New York Post that Apple has focused on a lot of content around Apple Music, “video is a big part of it and we’ll do more of those shows. This was another opportunity “right up our alley with apps.”

Right up the back passage is about right. Certainly set to be dull techno-babble and humourless praise of Apple.  Silverman should know better than sign up for this gig. He already has made some decent shows such as the The Office and The Tudors.

Silverman said that developers had not ever had their stories told before. We wonder why. After all there is so much drama when a bloke sits at a computer screen for eight hours, stopping at 10am to read the paper while having his morning bowel movement. Then he might eat a sarnie his mum made for him.

But what is more alarming is that Silverman also thinks that the project was dependent on having a “partner in Apple which created this eco-system.”

As well as this app developer TV show, Apple is also working with Dr Dre on a show about him called Vital Signs, as well as six-part series with Vice Media about music called The Score.  We guess that it could also create other interesting problems about the Apple lifestyle such as “Waiting in Line” for new products, The Rally (about attending Apple product launches), and religious programmes such as Steve Jobs – the afterlife.