Apple charges the most to its poorest customers

Databroker_scrooge_mcduck-346x260Fruity cargo cult Apple has touted its future success in China and India as reasons why it will continue to make money. However that has been called into question by its daft pricing policy.

You would think that trying to sell phones to poorer countries, Apple would reduce the price a bit so that more people could afford it.

Apparently not. Apple thinks it is better to charge poorer country’s more for its shiny toys.

They say time is money, but unfortunately for Apple enthusiasts in India, they’ll need to spend more of both for the iPhone 6S.

Not only is it launching its iPhone 6S three weeks after it was released in much of the western world, it is charging Indians $955 for the 16GB entry model. The top-of-the-line 128GB 6S Plus, which will $1,415. The average wage in India is $295, so to own one a person will have to work for three months and not eat – a small price to pay for a phone with no compelling hardware and which will be out-of-date in a few months.

In the US they pay $949 for the 128GB 6S Plus, a full $466 less than those in India.

Analysts say that such expensive smartphones will alienate almost all of its prospective user base in India.

Though Samsung and its Galaxy S flagship devices have a presence in the Indian market, the S6 starts at $615. The most popular smartphones are budget, sub-$200 devices like Chinese handset maker Xiaomi’s RedMi range and products made by local brand Micromax.

When the iPhone 6 series launched in India last year, the 16GB 6 model was priced at $865.

Prior to pricing being announced for India, France was the most expensive place to buy an iPhone 6S, with the range starting at $845.