Apple can do without Jobs says Woz

Apple founder and Dancing Queen Steve Wozniak said that the fruit themed peddler of broken iDreams can function pretty well without its cargo cult messiah Steve Jobs.

There have been those who predict that the company will collapse without the autocratic genius of Jobs. Jobs is off sick with a rare liver condition.

Woz pointed out to AP that Jobs is only on partial leave and still had a lot of involvement in the outfit.

Even if he were to be on total leave Apple will go on pretty well even if he is not “there directly.”

We guess he means that if Jobs is too sick to work at Apple he will still control the company from the Astral Plane and instruct his board telepathically.

It is not clear if Jobs’ astral protection skills would stand up to death or having to leave the company. A coven of dedicated black-shirt fanboys is sacrificing thousands of credit cards and drinking sacred brews of Starbucks frappuccinos to prevent that happening. Some are so desperate that they have taken a vow of celibacy, although no one has actually noticed.

Despite the fact that Apple fanboys claim that Woz is jealous that Steve made Apple the huge technology religion, the pair still talk. After all Woz still has a Forrest Gump number of shares in Apple.

The pair founded Apple Computer in 1976 in Jobs’s garage in California’s Silicon Valley

Woz said that Apple still has more room for more innovation. Sheesh. And kebab.