Apple boss makes a million a day

Apple’s top sauce Tim Cook is officially the best paid CEO in the US by making a million dollars a day.

Cook topped the list of the best-paid CEOs in the US in 2011 thanks to stock options that put him more than $300 million above his next rival.

According to AFP, Cook made more than $378 million last year. That is about $36 a second. It means that if he has an itch, Apple pays him $100 to scratch it and a morning trip to the loo with the newspaper costs more than your average family earns in a year.

That is not his salary exactly: like Jobs before him, he only claims a dollar salary and collects 90 cents after tax. But he scooped up a cool $376 million in restricted stock grants, based on Apple’s stock price at the time.

The head of Oracle, Larry Ellison, came in second place with less than a fifth of Cook’s pay. Ellison makes $76 million.

Motorola Mobility chief Sanjay Jha was ranked fifth, at $47 million.

This year Cook is expecting to see his salary climb even more. Apple shares have leapt 29 percent so far this year.