Apple boss attacks the poor

ipadPhil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing has created a storm online after he attacked users who could not afford to buy PCs every five years as “sad”.

The comment was made at the Cupertino rally where Schiller said that more 600 million people are using PCs that are over five years old. “This is really sad.”

Of course this got a laugh from the audience of extremely rich folk who attended the rally. After all poor people are so funny when they can’t pay for overpriced hardware like rich folk.  But the comment went down like a bucket of cold sick among users of the live feed.  Who posted their anger on Twitter.

The Tame Apple Press rushed to defend Schiller saying that he was subtly digging at competitors while trying to show that the new iPad Pro is the ultimate PC replacement.

But the comment showed how out of touch Apple is with real people and underscored the privilege and lack of self-awareness of those who can afford to buy the hot new gadgets whenever they come on the market.

Five years is a long time for Apple users who are expected to upgrade every year even if they don’t need to. Apple’s MacBooks start at $1,299. The new iPad Pro starts at $599. You can buy older laptops with decent specs from resellers and on sites like eBay for less than $200.

It is not sad that people still use five year computers. It is incredibly sad that Apple think those users should be the butt of some joke.