Apple attacks HTC in courts again

HTC will find itself in the dock again, as the US International Trade Commission investigates complaints made by Apple.

Apple is going on the offensive against its main rivals with all guns blazing from the law department.

The US ITC has said it will definitely look into an Apple complaint from July, pointing the finger at Taiwanese HTC for infringing on patents relating to user interfaces, among others.

The Taipei Times reports that the case will go to an administrative law judge, who will be holding the preliminary hearing. Then there will be a target date for finishing the case within 45 days after it starts. 

It’s hard not to imagine Apple feels like it is on the back foot – although Android tablets are not destroying Apple’s market share yet, it’s a matter of time before a genuine, affordable rival makes it to market when manufacturers realise they must undercut Apple’s luxury pricing.  

Of course, the ITC is keen to underline its investigations don’t mean that it has made a decision yet. HTC is already appealing a pro-Apple ruling by the ITC pertaining to new subsidiary S3. If the ITC rules against HTC again it’s likely Cher Wang and Co. will fight it – as the company has made clear it’s prepared for a bloody battle.