Apple and Samsung in ceasefire talks

Top execs at Apple and Samsung are apparently in “bury the hatchet” talks about their their patent war.

Reuters noted a reference to the talks in court by one of Apple’s briefs.

Apple and Samsung were business chums for years before Apple got miffed about Samsung daring to produce Android phones.

While Apple thinks that Android copied its iPhone it has decided to miff its own suppliers by going after them, rather than Google which wrote the code.

Apple sued Samsung in April, after Samsung released its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. The legal move resulted in Samsung countersuing, pointing out that there were a lot of patents it owned under the bonnet of Apple gear.

Apple was Samsung’s second-biggest customer last year and provided $5.7 billion of sales to Samsung’s chip team.

US District Judge Lucy Koh, who is looking at the patent spat, wondered why the two chums were at drawn dagger points.

She could not work out why the outfits had not used an alternative dispute resolution. She told one of the legals that she could send one of the lawyers around with a box of make-up chocolates.

Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said the case has gotten the attention of executives “at the highest levels” of the two companies who were meeting and talking.

However, Apple started this particular fight, and it is desperate for a method of sending a message to Google suppliers not to use the rival operating system.

If Samsung and other suppliers feel that they will be sued every time they install Android under the bonnet, they will surrender the smartphone market to Job’s Mob. Or, they will end up having to pay Apple for every Googlephone they sell, either way Apple is quids in.

The downside of that particular plan is that Apple actually believes that it invented the smartphone rather than re-invented it. Unfortunately the phone is built on a lot of technology which came before it.

Despite assurances from McElhinny it is jolly unlikely that Apple will back off.