Apple and Nintendo rip off the Brits with iPad 2 and 3DS

Apple and Nintendo customers in Blighty will have to pay more for their gadgets than anywhere else in the world.

Both the 3DS console and Apple’s iPad 2 are launching in Britain and it seems that Apple and Nintendo are rubbing their hands at the prospect of screwing more cash out of UK people who are stupid enough to pay.

If you buy a Nintendo 3DS in the UK it will set you back £229.99. However if you bought it in the US it will cost you £167.66. In the US an iPad will cost you £554 and in the UK it will set you back £659.

This means that the tax of being a British Nintendo enthusiast is 37 percent.

According to the Daily Mail in the case of the iPad 2 the starting price, including VAT, for the basic 16GB model is £399. That is £64.75, or around 20 percent, more than the price a New York shopper would pay.

To be fair to Apple and Nintendo they only have an 8.875 sales tax in New York, compared to the 20 percent in old London town.

But even then it seems that Apple and Nintendo think they can screw more cash out of the British.

They are not the first – for a long time Brits paid more for cars than Europeans until there was an outcry and a mass boycott of products forced manufacturers to rethink.

In the UK it is unlikely that anything will be done about it. The only body which had the authority to call the likes of Apple and Nintendo to heel was the Office of Fair Trading. The current government thinks it is a good idea to scrap this to allow Apple and Nintendo to charge what they like. Still think of the money you will save by culling a quango, eh?