Apple already has a backdoor in iOS

apple queueApple’s fight with the US government would not have happened if the shooter, whose phone coppers want to have a look at, had upgraded his iPhone like a good fanboy.

The fruity cargo cult and its allies in the Tame Apple Press have been playing the “privacy card” in the police investigation of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik. The court has ordered Apple to help police break into the couple’s Iphone 5C and Apple claims that is “too dangerous” for privacy.

Like many things Apple related the whole thing is spin and media manipulation. In fact the whole event would not have happened had Farook upgraded his iPhone 5C to a modern version of the phone with a fingerprint scanner. That is because the cops could have used the dead man’s fingerprints to unlock the phone.

This means that if the issue is about privacy, then Apple broke it when it insisted on fingerprint scanners on all its latest models.

What Apple says it is worried about is that governments will force it to be involved in future police investigations and that to make this possible it will have to put a backdoor in its software. This is a problem in autocratic countries.

It claims it is worried that the existence of such a backdoor will make its products less secure than they already are.

But it appears that the fingerprint scanner already is a backdoor for police who have access to either a dead terrorists digits or a fingerprint from their flat. What we are not seeing is Apple talking about this at all.

This is because Jobs’ Mob does not want its fingerprint technology discussed as a security hole. It just wants governments to use it and it can claim it is blameless.   However it still has a bit of legacy tech out there and it can use court cases like this to create a smokescreen.

It is win-win for Apple even if it loses.