AOL to launch iPad magazine "Editions"

AOL is to launch an iPad magazine called Editions, making it the second of what is expected to be a long list of iPad-exclusive digital titles on the cards.

It is described as delivering a daily magazine based on user interests, but that’s a vague description which could mean a completely different magazine for every person on the planet.

That appears to be what AOL is aiming for. You can rank your favourite interests and the app will search the web for content that matches those and delivers it in a magazine format.

AOL’s magazine will join the already announced newspaper by News Corp called The Daily. This title was recently delayed due to subscription problems, giving AOL the possibility of bringing out its title first. With two titles already announced for the iPad, Google will have to up its game to bring similar content to Android.

Editions has the rather unusual tagline of “The magazine that reads you,” which sounds not exactly dissimilar from a Yakov Smirnoff bit. The idea is that it reads your interests and presents a customised magazine back to you.

A teaser video was posted on Youtube to accompany the teaser website. It shows the AOL team at their West Coast headquarters in a setting and style similar to an episode of The Office, with Sol Lipman, Senior Director of Mobile at AOL attempting to come up with an alternative tagline: “The app for when you crap.”