Another suicide at Foxconn plant

There has been another suicide at the Foxconn manufacturing plant, one of Apple’s factories of choice, in Shenzhen, China, says the Taipei Times.

As TechEye reported in April, an 18 year old worker jumped from the top of the Longhua plant for working just a month. Last March, a 23-year-old man called Liu leapt as well. There have been accusations of child labour laws being breached at Foxconn plants, and allegedly has indulged in beating up reporters.

The latest suicide attempt, this one tragically ending in death, has been identified only by the surname Zhu. She apparently was on leave from work, and it is being suggested that the suicide was for personal reasons and nothing to do with Foxconn.

This is the same company which allegedly put such pressure on an employee for losing an iPhone 4G prototype that he decided it would be easiest to kill himself. Because money talks louder in the PRC.