Another GloFo suit flees the fab

GlobalFoundries has lost its chief financial officer and managed to find another one down the back of the sofa.

According to a company statement, GlobalFoundries has appointed Daniel Durn, a former executive at the firm’s parent company, to the position of chief financial officer and assigned two other senior executives to key positions.

Krakauer, the statement said, had left Globalfoundries to pursue other interests. We guess it is less interesting for a bloke to watch his company sit and haemorrhage cash, its long term relationship with AMD, and see its yield rates falling.

Meanwhile Greg Bartlett, who was GlobalFoundries’ senior vice president of technology and R&D, has been promoted to chief technology officer. KC Ang, formerly vice president of the firm’s 300-mm foundry operations, has been named as the outfit’s head of customer engineering and quality.

He is going to be in charge of GlobalFoundries’ Fab 8 in upstate New York, which is expected to ramp to mass production next year.

It has been a major suit reshuffle at GloFo lately. Last month Ajit Manocha, who had been acting as the company’s interim CEO, took the position on a permanent basis.

Krakauer is the second member of GlobalFoundries’ senior managers to walk away from he job.  

Doug Grose, who had been GlobalFoundries’ CEO since it started, cleaned out his desk and became a consultant to the outfit. We guess his new office was the lift. Grose’s exit was claimed to be triggered by problems with manufacturing yields at the 32-nm node.

According to the annoucement, the GlobalFoundries appointments are part of an effort by the company to “align operations and technology to meet customer needs and market opportunity”.

Translated that means sorting out the mess.

The change is also supposed to separate “technology strategy and its roadmap from technology development.”

Loosely translated, that means that people have not been planning the future correctly and probably confused their arses with their elbows.

“Our customers want us to be the preferred choice for them, so we are taking a hard look at our structure to ensure we are organised to meet their needs,” Manocha said through a statement. In other words “AMD has read us the riot act”.