Another AMD suit plans to escape

Fabless chipmaker AMD has lost another key executive after Eric Demers, the chief technology officer for the graphics business, announced he is leaving.

According to PC Mag, his role will be taken over by CTO Mark Papermaster in the short term.

Demers is the latest in a number of high profile exits. Last September Rick Bergman, who is not the same guy who turned Star Trek into what it is today, resigned as general manager of AMD’s products group to take the chief executive position at Synaptics.

Last January, CEO Dirk Meyer stepped down with little notice, replaced by CFO Thomas Seifert on an interim level until, eventually, Rory Read took over.

In a statement which did not mention Demers by name, AMD tried to put on a brave face: “We have a tremendous depth of talent in our organisation, a game plan that is resonating with our customers and our team, and we are continuing to bring graphics-performance-leading products to market. We will attract the right technology leader for this role.”

Demers had just been putting the finishing touches on AMD’s HD Radeon 7700 series, which is supposed to be in the shops today.

He was the top dog when it came to working out AMD’s graphics roadmap and coming up with new cunning plans. Demers was seen as a good leader.