Anonymous hacks the FBI

The Slovenian branch of Anonymous claims it has hacked the FBI and uploading email addresses and personal information relating to the director to online storage site Pastebin.

Black-Shadow of the Slovenian branch of Anonymous said he has posted the FBI domain email addresses and passwords for 68 agents, although the user claims in his post that the collected log-in details are “not all ours”.

His post also includes a short profile on FBI director James Comey, including sensitive information such as his date of birth, his wife’s name, the date they got married, his educational history and even the geographical coordinates of his residence. Handy if you have access to a spare drone or cruise missile.

Two internal FBI websites are also included in the post – the FBI’s Virtual Academy website from its training division, and the FBI Agents Association.

Two of the FBI’s domain name servers for its website were targeted, and the hackers took information from seven open ports on the servers.

Anonymous Slovenia posted the Pastebin link on its Facebook Page, along with the comment “Laughing at your security.” We guess that the only thing the Americans could come back at is that the Slovenians serve donkey in their pizza restaurants.

Anonymous has been out of the headlines lately thanks mostly to infighting amongst its members. It had developed a reputation for being script kiddies using DoS attacks. This particular take down suggests that there are some good hackers in the organisation who are working despite of the organisation’s shortcomings.