Andy Bryant promoted to Intel chairman

There were whispers at the Intel Developer Forum last year that Otellini’s replacement for top dog at Intel would be Andy Bryant. Well, Intel hasn’t revealed that position yet but it has decided Bryant will be chairman of the board.

Intel has issued a statement saying it has invented a new job for Andy Bryant, making him vice chairman of the board in the run up for the official torch-passing in May 2012. Bryant will hold the vice chairman title until the current chairman, Jane Shaw, steps down.

We’re interpreting this two ways. As a safe pair of hands with plenty of experience at Intel, Bryant is well positioned to pick Otellini’s successor. 

Alternatively, there’s a chance Bryant is still in the running for Otellini’s job. CEO Otellini serves on the board himself as well as running Intel. 

Bryant has served as CFO at Intel for 13 years, as well as running the technology and manufacturing group, along with human resources and finance.

Right now he’s the chief administrative officer, so a job will open there next May.