Anand Chandrasekher leaves Intel while HP headhunting becomes industry sport

Chipzilla sorry Intel’s mobile supremo Anand Chandrasekher has announced he is cleaning out his desk after 24 years of keeping his seat warm.

Apparently he has only said that he is leaving to “pursue other interests”. We would expect that he would be be very interested in money, and would make a good scalp in any headhunter’s collection.

Mike Bell and Dave Whalen will take his spot. 

Meanwhile there are signs that all might not be well at the maker of very expensive printer ink HP.

Corporate headhunters have invaded the building and are looking for the scalps of some of the outfit’s top executives.

Most notable to go is Mike Wolfe, who has been headhunted by chipmaker AMD as its new chief information officer.

Wolfe was vice president of IT for product development and engineering at HP for the last five years. AMD tells us that Wolfe will be responsible for managing AMD’s global technology infrastructure.

Wolfe has a lot of experience as a corporate axeman and is wanted by AMD to reduce operating costs and “significantly improving business innovation.” Before HP, he worked at Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor.

At Motorola he earned a name for himself after consolidating business and manufacturing IT functions into a single central organisation.

Intel’s headhunters were also in the HP building but they failed to get their paws on Todd Bradley, head of HP’s $41 billion personal systems group. Chipzilla wanted him for a for a job that might have led to his being tapped as Paul Otellini’s successor.

Normally headhunters only swoop in any numbers when there is a current of dissatisfaction in a company.

We can’t think what might be wrong with HP. After all it has only lost a CEO to a scandal involving a former soft porn star, restructured more often than an Italian parliament, got a CEO from SAP and has started to lose ground to Dell of all people. What is there not to love?