Analyst wades into Oracle's Ellison

Oracle supremo Larry Ellison’s keynote has been given nil points by the analyst outfit Ovum for being too dull, too technical and missing the opportunity to say something interesting about his database company.

To be fair, we are talking about a database company rather than anything interesting, but Ovum seems to really have got the hump about Ellison’s keynote at Oracle World.

Ovum chief analyst Carter Lusher, who was in the audience for Oracle World, was apparently bored out of his mind as Ellison showed off a confusing number of diagrams and specs of Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic appliances.

Over the last decade, CEO Larry Ellison has built Oracle from a large database company into what Ovum calls a mega-vendor, an IT vendor that can provide almost everything that enterprise and public sector IT organisations need, from hardware and enterprise applications, to infrastructure software and hardware, to services.

However, Lusher said that during the Oracle Open World Keynote Ellison missed the opportunity to deliver that vision beefed up with exciting customer stories, his world famous Belly Savalas party trick , some HP light bulb changing one-liners and perhaps a couple of knob gags.

“Rather, the crowd in attendance was subjected to mind numbing technical specifications about Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic appliances. This recitation of specs was a missed opportunity,” Lusher moaned.

We suspected this would be the case, despite the fact that he has been at the centre of some interesting news and court cases lately, Ellison still runs a storage company and that is only marginally more exciting than attending a SAP annual meeting.  

Still, it is said that you become like your worst enemy – so maybe Ellison has started to become Leo Apotheker