An Apple a day keeps Hon Hai quite gay

Hon Hai assembly line - courtesy Wikimedia CommonsHon Hai – also known as Foxconn – makes Apple’s iPhones and makes a heap of money from the relationship.

Its chief executive, Terry Gou, reckons its revenues will soar by 10 percent this year, to a rather respectable $132.68 billion.

The Taipei Times said Gou said is getting closer and closer to Apple and that’s what will boost its sales.

Hon Hai makes Apple kit in mainland China, although it is a Taiwanese firm. It has come under scrutiny in the past for its labour record and a spate of well publicised suicides.

Gou said that Hon Hai is the chief assembler for Apple kit and in fact makes all of Apple’s bigger iPhones.

He told the Taipei Times that Pegatron – another Taiwanese company – only gets a few crumbs compared to Hon Hai.

Gou has his eyes on the Indian market and will invest in the country.