Americans start blaming Russians again

After spying on the known world, it appears that the Americans feel the need to warn the world that the Russians are doing the same thing.

A US cybersecurity firm says it has gathered evidence that the Russian government spied on hundreds of American, European and Asian companies.

What is significant about the hacks is that it is the first time Moscow has been linked to cyber attacks for alleged economic gains.

According to the firm, CrowdStrike, the victims of the previously unreported cyber espionage campaign include energy and technology firms, some of which have lost valuable intellectual property.

Dmitri Alperovitch, chief technology officer of CrowdStrike made a statement that the attacks appear to have been motivated by the Russian government’s interest in helping its industry maintain competitiveness in key areas of national importance.

Governments have been electronically spying on each other for more than 30 years in the type of surveillance programs conducted by virtually every nation. But it is only in the past decade that some nations have started using cyber espionage as a platform for gaining data to help promote their national economic interests.

The snooping appears to be carried out by Russian group of hackers dubbed “Energetic Bear,” for two years. The firm believes the Russian government is behind the campaign because of technical indicators, as well as analysis of the targets chosen and the data stolen.

Alperovitch said that the Russians were copying the Chinese play book and cyber espionage is very lucrative for economic benefit to a nation.