Americans can't get enough of Microsoft

The former British colony of Virginia, which overthrew its lawful government and replaced it with a corporate oligarchy, has fallen in love with Microsoft.

After years of making Microsoft gags about blue screens of death, security problems, and how Apple makes a better operating system, it seems that the US was simply lying.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Americans cannot get enough of the company that brought you Vista.

Microsoft’s rating is the best it has ever been since 2006, when ACSI first began asking Americans about the quality of the software they shove under the bonnet of their PCs.

The report said that even though Windows software sales declined four percent from the previous quarter, as a result of a drop-off in PC shipments, punters were happy with what they bought.

You would logically think that people would be happy with Microsoft products if they bought even less of it. Perhaps someone should suggest this approach to Steve Ballmer.

When you think about customer satisfaction, particularly among Americans, you would think that the fruity cargo cult Apple would have topped the poll. Apple’s hard core fans, whose limited knowledge of technology backed with religious enthusiasm and intolerance makes them similar to the Iranian Revolutionary Council.

According to the poll, Apple followers were unsurprisingly happy with the company, ranking it much higher than their satisfaction with sex, money, religion and beer. Apple had 86 points which was seven points ahead of Vole.

But asking Apple cultists if they really are happy with the company is like asking someone in Tripoli if they like Gaddafi. Even if they are miserable they will say yes. However, finding people who admit to being happy with Microsoft has been a rare thing.

It shows that Vole has recovered from 2008, the second year of Vista, when people were as happy with it as they are with HP today, the report said.

But it might not have much to do with anything that Microsoft has done. In fact, Americans are a more optimistic bunch when it comes to software.

The ACSI said that customer satisfaction with software surpasses all other information-related categories and has risen generally by 2.6 percent. Confidence in Redmond appears to have emerged from this trend.

Outfits like Adobe, Intuit, and Symantec are the most trusted software brands.