AMD’s Richard Baker is dead

On my way to Taiwan for Computex, this year,  I had an intimation that Richard Baker, senior European marketing director of AMD, died on the 29th of May. He died with his lovely lovely family around him.

My strong loving feelings go out to his family and to his friends. who were very many. Richard was a very fine man, a real man with love in his heart for everyone. A geezer who could get in a strop for a second or two then laugh his lovely laugh, full of humour, wit and intelligence and get over it.

When I had my heart attack in 2001, Richard was so much on my side. He said to me, Mike, keep going. Start the INQUIRER and keep the industry honest!

He was always on the side of the company he loved, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), but never ever in any kind of partisan way. Once, he told me, the corporate geezers said that he was to blame for an AMD leak and his job was in bother. The leaks came from America. Richard was loyal to AMD always, sometimes to my chagrin.

I am so sorry he is dead. He was a top guy. His funeral is on Friday this week. If you knew him, and want details, please email me. Another dear friend dead. Oh great.