AMD offers women advice on how to score

AMD is offering women advice on how to get themselves a geeky boyfriend.

We know that most advice in this direction has been directed to geeks who have been unable to find girls, but AMD seems to think that the world is full of women who cannot find a geek.#

AMD is taking time out to dish out advice to women eager to land themselves a geek to love.

While would have thought that landing yourself a geek would be as simple as turning up to a Linux conference in a skirt or popping into a Games Workshop store and asking for a game, AMD insists that will not work.

In a posting published on the AMD company bog, Leslie Sobon, Corporate VP of Product Marketing, tells us how to get a geek boyfriend in five lessons.

She thinks that girls need to talk nerd. If you can’t tell the difference between a CPU, GPU, Flash memory, BIOS and LAN, you can forget about decorating your house in the style of Babylon Five, or romantic Star Trek conventions dressed as a Klingon with the man of your dreams.

Sobon says that nerdy places, like QuakeCon, overclocking events and LAN parties are a better place to score.

Instead of saying obvious questions such as who will win, AMD or Intel,’ ‘Nvidia or ATI‘ and ‘Xbox or PS3.’ Leslie thinks the best way to get a geek is to look at more specific questions like “who will win “x86 or Arm?” is the CPU or the GPU going to win? Is 3D just a niche?

If you are not interested in MP3 players, DSes, or the latest Android tablet you’re going to have to start watching lots of movies, playing a lot of games or listening to more/different music.

Watching Sci-Fi is a must and the need to watch romantic comedies must be delayed until at least after the marrage.

Be prepared to cope with a bloke with no fashion sense.

Ultimately you will have to start picking his clothes for him, but wait for a while before you try to change this.

You can probably make flip flops non-negotiable.