AMD, Nvidia others sued over switching patents

A company called Internet Machines LLC has filed a suit in the Tyler Division Texas district court alleging a string of tech companies have breached a patent it looks after.

Here’s the list of defendants: Alienware, AMD, Club 3D, Cyclone Microsystems, Dell, Extreme Engineering Solutions, Freedom USA, Custom Computers, GDA Technologies, General Electric Enterprise Solutions, Integrated Device Technology, Inventure, National Instruments, Nvidia, PLX Technology,Tigerdirect, Vadatech, and Vrose Microsystems.

All these companies, it’s alleged, have breached US patent 7,454,552, called Switching Transparent and non-Transparent Ports. The inventors are Heath Stewart, Michael de la Garrigue and Chris Haywood, but assigned to Internet Machines. The defendants are being sued for a similar patent, 7,421,532.

Internet Machines claims one or more claims of this patent cover methods and apparatus using PCI Express switches. It wants damages and a jury trial.

The Tyler Division district court is known to fast track these kind of patent cases.