AMD, Nvidia, ASUS play musical chairs with staff shake-up

The game of musical chairs among the staff at some of the biggest hardware brands has continued with Matt Wright from XFX ready to take a role at Nvidia, according to sources.

It is the third high profile move in just a few days among the marketing departments of some of the top firms in the industry, with the surprise move of Matt Wright to graphics card manufacturer Nvidia coming not long after announcements that AMD had snapped up marketing expert Iain Bristow from Asus, while Asus added Miodrag Relic to its payroll from EVGA.

Wright has apparently moved to lead the European sales arm of the firm which was once extremely close to XFX, before a switch to the use of AMD’s Radeon GPUs meant the end of its alliance.

While Wright’s LinkedIn page says he currently remains an XFX employee, it is rumoured that the switch has already been made to Nvidia. 

According to KitGuru the move will mean that Nvidia will benefit from the likeable figure of Matt Wright, as it seeks to bring market share back to the firm following the Fermi launch.

January has so far seen AMD also bolster its own ranks with the addition of Asus marketing man Iain Bristow.  It is thought that AMD is gearing up for a challenging year, with a big fight on its hands to hit back against Intel following the launch of Sandy Bridge, while simultaneously battling against Nvidia in the GPU market.

Another surprise came when it was announced that Miodrag Relic would make the jump from EVGA to Asus, filling the gap left by Bristow.

It is thought that the loss of their European Marketing manager to rival Asus is likely to be a major blow to EVGA, with the firm having performed remarkably well in the past year, winning an award from PC Pro for ‘Best Graphics Card Company in 2010’.

Relic was, to an extent, considered to be the driving force behind such successes – and it will be difficult to replace his experience.