AMD not up for sale

AMD has ruled out that it is up for grabs by Oracle, although it does say that it will entertain offers, particularly if that means being taken out for expensive dinner by Ellison’s team.

Ellison’s team, which now includes the famous winer and diner of former soft porn stars, Mark Hurd, apparently can put on a good dinner or two on expenses.  Although he insists that the entire party was just with his security guard for some reason.

AMD chief executive, Dirk Meyer, said that AMD is unlikely to be up for sale any time soon, despite Ellison’s recent interest in making acquisitions in the chip-manufacturing sector.

However, he told Reuters that he would look at any propositions that would be good for shareholders.  But then again, we guess he would have to say that.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told Oracle OpenWorld 2010 conference last month he wanted to buy a chip designer. ARM holdings was the most recent subject of buyout speculation from Oracle, and some even suggested that Larry might pump for Nvidia.

AMD is the second largest supplier of chips on the x86 architecture. It has been suffering a bit lately because the push into mobile computing led to greater demand for low-power chips like Apple’s A4 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon, which are manufactured on the ARM architecture.

AMD shares are pretty cheap at the moment. You can buy one for $6.84. It does not look like there is a rush on buying them on the back of the speculation.