AMD nicks former Dell CMO Colette LaForce

AMD has announced a new senior vice president to take over as chief marketing officer, picking Colette LaForce after Nigel Dessau’s departure.

Colette La Force will be in charge of marketing, strategy branding, and communications for the company which is about to try to launch a comeback against rival Intel with its upcoming Trinity chip.

Part of her job will be to accelerate the “revitalisation of the AMD brand”, according to CEO Rory Read.  This is no small task.

Presumably one of her first tasks will be to help push the new Trinity-based Ultrathings that AMD is prepping in response Intel’s own flock of Ultraportables.

LaForce, 39, has spent almost a decade in marketing and comms, with roles in a number of tech and venture capital roles such as Accenture.

LaForce will replace former CMO Nigel Dessau who was fired  last December.