AMD may post lower guidance too

Now that Intel has said that it will not make as much dosh as it expected, thanks mostly to the floods in Thailand, AMD is expected to follow suit.

According to the Street, Wall Street is waiting for an announcement from AMD. Intel blamed the guidance change on a hard disk drive shortage and AMD must also be affected by the same problem.

Patrick Wang, of Evercore Partners, warned that AMD’s situation could even be worse because it flogs a lot of non-brand hardware to people who buy cheap and cheerful gear.

AMD may have to cut its guidance in the next week or two, with disk drive shortages expected to be around for much of 2012. However, the most severe impact will be in the first quarter.

Intel said that its fourth quarter revenues will be between $13.7 billion, which is lower than its original forecast of $14.7 billion. Apparently being a billion short of expectations lead to a fall in shares of five percent.

At the time, AMD shares mirrored Intel’s performance and also fell 4.69 percent.

However, it might not all be bad for AMD. Its biggest customers are HP and Lenovo who claim that its chips have improved their market share. They are not going to change their supplier just because they can’t get enough hard drives.