AMD may have USB 3.0 chipset one year ahead of Intel

Gigabyte at this year’s Computex confirmed that Intel’s USB 3.0 chipset won’t hit vendors or anyone else until 2012. 

AMD has clearly seen a space in the market and is chatting with NEC about licensing its USB 3.0 technology, with plans to integrate support into the Hudson D1 chipsets which should find their way into the market in Q4 2010.

NEC has seen some serious competition in the works from rivals such as Via, Fresco Logic and Asmedia. Digitimes reported earlier this month that NEC’s next generation USB 3.0 chip, out in the fourth quarter, will have to be flogged for under $2 a pop if it’s to make ends meet.

However, NEC is currently the only manufacturer to have approval from the USB organisation.

If AMD is in talks with NEC we wouldn’t be surprised if it shipped the next gen USB 3.0 with AMD’s 40nm Ontario APUs which are also in line to do the rounds in the fourth quarter.

Even if AMD can only get a chipset out by Q4, it’ll still have another year on long term rival Intel, which has been accused of delaying progress and growth by kicking its heels on adoption.