AMD exec gloats at Intel over FTC case

AMD has basically said “I told you so” with Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Dessau’s bog post on Intel’s dealings with the FTC.

He reckons that the antitrust, anticompetitive case against Intel – which it basically lost – will lead to a far more competitive landscape in the chip space “very soon”. He goes on to say from his bog that AMD legal teams have asked him not to let an “I told you so” loose but he essentially does anyway.

Dessau takes a pop at Intel with a rhetorical imagined question: “Isn’t this old news”? It’s not the first time Intel got rattled for engaging in dodgy behaviour (a similar case in 1999, he points out), which by the way it has officially neither confirmed nor denied.

But he does say that this FTC order will herald a new age for businesses and the consumer as Intel now is under the watchful eye of the FTC permanently. Nigel’s take is that the FTC order addresses “abuses” particularly well, especially Intel’s alleged “all-or-nothing” discounts which exclude rivals from going elsewhere.

Dessau goes on to say: “Today’s settlement is important because it ensures this is a fair fight, one we carry out in the marketplace instead of the courts.” As long Dessau and AMD, he continues, have access to the marketplace then AMD is confident that it can finally win out against its bitter rival.

But then again, Dessau is head of marketing for a reason – anyone will tell you that the fight is far from over and it’s not as clear cut as having the confidence.